IMIDIAS: A hub for micro data at the Deutsche Bundesbank

In 2013, the Statistics Department of the Deutsche Bundesbank was mandated:

  • to establish an integrated interdepartmental information system for analytical and research purposes;
  • to define governance and roles;
  • to develop a Research Data and Service Centre (RDSC);
  • to develop a statistical microdata warehouse; and
  • to step up active support for research projects.

More specifically, the Board approved the “integrated microdata-based information and analysis system” (IMIDIAS) initiative, aiming at a coherent solution to these requirements. IMIDIAS is a pragmatic approach that leaves the core production system untouched and keeps data management decentralised.

Briefly, IMIDIAS is meant to perform data integration ex post, using the finalised and quality-controlled process data as a sources layer for a statistical data warehouse, the House of Micro Data (HoM). In the HoM, data are integrated on the basis of joint reference data and made accessible by means of an SDMX superstructure. On this basis, a newly created Research Data and Service Centre (RDSC) offers data and analysis services, for analysts and researchers. The ultimate aim of IMIDIAS is to make available what is already there, in a consistent, effective, cost-efficient and user-friendly way, for designated purposes and complying with strict confidentiality rules.

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